Access, Sync and Share Your Data, Under Your Control!

E-storage is a self-hosted file sync and share server. It provides access to your data through a web interface, sync clients or WebDAV while providing a platform to view, sync and share across devices easily — all under your control. E-storage’s open architecture is extensible via a simple but powerful API for applications and plugins and it works with any storage.

Access everything you care about

Store your private pictures, documents, calendar and contacts on your E-storage server at home, a rented VPS or use one of the public Estorage providers. Access your existing data on an FTP drive at work, images shared with you on Dropbox, or your NAS at home–all through your E-storage server.

Run your E-storgae server in a place you trust and access all the data you care about in one place!

Share with anybody

on your terms

Send password protected public links so others can upload files
to you; get notified on your phone when you get a share from
your own or another E-storage server. Edit documents
together, have video calls over your own server, comment on
pictures shared with or by you. Don’t be alone!

With E-storage, you easily share and collaborate with
whomever you want.


Other Features

Versioning and undelete


Play music, watch movies, store passwords

Previous versions of files you modified are retained and can be brought back. Deleted files can be found in the trash.

Share photo galleries with friends and family. Give them access to upload pictures, view, download and comment on them. Your data – your choice.

Use the Music app to listen to your songs, securely store your passwords in Passman and stream your movies with the Streaming app. Simply enable one of over 250 applications in the built in ownCloud App store.

  • E-storage is open source – there are no limitations and you can inspect, integrate, extend and modify E-storage however you want.
  • E-storage offers an easy user interface with search, favorites, tags and other ways to quickly get at your files.
  • File editing and preview support for PDF, images, text files, Open Document, Word files and more.
  • Integration of anti-virus scanning functionality with the anti-virus app.
  • LDAP / Active Directory integration
  • Example files for new users. Preload a new user’s Files area with, for example, a tutorial file, which appears when they first log in.
  • Powerful integrated logging
  • Fine-grained control over access to data and sharing capabilities by user and by group.
  • Advanced quota management with configurable accounting of external storage.
  • Sharing REST API. Control sharing from mobile apps and desktop clients
  • Easy development of 3rd party apps with the share REST API. Quick access to core functions for app development with the powerful E-storage App API and webhooks following the publication / subscription model.