Do I need to enter all the details every time?
No once you enter your details it gets stored in the software. Later you can just click on “quickconnect” button and select from the drop down.

What port I have to enter?
Leave the part blank. It would take the default settings.

Can I change password?
All login name and passwords are locked. Incase you wish to change you can only change the password on a request from

Is there any limit to daily upload on download?
No you can upload & download without any limits.

Can I open my data from windows explorer?

Yes. You can open your data inside windows explorer by typing ftp://youripaddress. Enter “User name” & “Password”.

Do I need to restart my PC after reinstalling E-storage?
No. You can start using it straight away.

Which operating system is it compatible with E-storage?
E-storage provides filezilla which is support on all operating system. It works with Windows (XP, Vista, 7) both 32 bit & 64 bit, Linux-Debian 5.0, Mac    OS x 10.5 or newer.

How do I upload and save files on sever?
Just double click on the left windows after connecting and your file will get uploaded.

Is this there any ISP limit of upload?
Yes. there is an isp limit that the largest file size that can be uploaded is 2GB (2048 mb) and no more than 1000 files at one time. This is an isp    wide standard.

I want to upload a file over 2 GB, is this possible?
While we do have a 2 GB size limit per file it is possible to break up a larger file into smaller chunks. There are many tools that perform this task.
Here is a free program that works on both Windows & Macs:

There is a tutorial here

What file types can be upload to E-storage?

All files types including documents, spreadsheets, photos, music and videos can be uploaded to E-storage.

How many files/directories can I have in a directory?
You can have upto 5000 directorial files in a single directory before performance is significantly impacted. Beyond 11000 directorial files in a single    directory things will no longer work.